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Sempl is Superb, Exclusive, Modern, Positive and Leisurely, which is why Finance supports it and gladly attends every year.

Tomaž Čepon

marketing manager, daily Finance

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Not today, not tomorrow, but maybe already the day after tomorrow, the marketing divisions will vanish from companies because the philosophy of marketing will be so integrated into all other divisions that it will become a way of thinking for everybody in the company.

Tomaž Arh

Marketing Director, Pate Business Unit, Droga Kolinska, Slovenia

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Sempl has proved once again that it is a must event for the marketing advertising professionals. It is a very good mix of lectures, presentations and, of course, socialising. I’m looking forward to attending next year.

Marko Filej

director|ad marketing, daily Delo

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Sempl 12 – Media (r)evolution a success!

Dec 01

The 12th Sempl has drawn to a close: the winners are polishing the shelves for the torpedoes, some of us are still nurturing our blisters from the wild party dancing, and all of us are collecting our impressions and thoughts regarding the attained revolution in knowledge and information.

Even in the ongoing hard times, Sempl proved that knowledge counts with the number of participants growing from the last year (we counted nearly 700 participants) and the number of submissions exceeding last year’s by 35%!

Expect us to be even bigger, better and maintain our dedication to knowledge next year!

See you at the next media revolution!

See you soon!

Nov 24

Bernardin is already bustling with activity as we gear up to meet an astonishing number of participants – but don’t worry, we are well and truly ready for you! We and our sponsors will work hard to ensure that the educational part meets your expectations and that we will all walk away satisfied on Friday.

You can follow the current events on Twitter or Facebook, information is also available at the mobile portal and you can send an SMS with the keyword “sempl” to 3636 for additional announcements.

Let the revolution begin, let Sempl begin!

Finalists for the Sempler award unveiled!

Nov 20

The Sempl’s jury had a particularly difficult task this year, due to a record number of submissions for the Sempler awards! Despite this spike in interest, the number of the awards will remain the same. We will confer six Golden Semplers and a Grand Sempler for the all-round winner of the 12th Sempl.

This year’s finalists are already listed on our website.

All the finalists will be presented on Thursday, 26 November, at 4:45 PM, while the winners will be announced at the evening’s ceremony.

Join us! Viva la trends!

Viva la ceremony, viva la party!

Nov 18

Sempl is primarily meant to educate and is therefore filled with lectures, workshops and presentations, aimed at making you ponder a media revolution. But our programme can wear out even the most persevering revolutionary, so we dedicated Thursday evening to a revolution of fun and fame!

We will start the awards ceremony at 9 PM. Fedja Juvan and Pižama will use humour and revolutionary ideas to navigate between the event’s winners. The fun will then continue in the Tivoli dance club, where we and POP TV will host a revolution on the dance floor, in the glasses and in the ears!

Rumours have it that Kitio mobile will organise an exclusive party entitled “New Experience in Your Hand” as part of Sempl, where it will present the new mobile portals for daily Delo, magazines Lady, Stop, Obrazi, Eva, Anja and Smrklja, and Radio Ekspres.

Viva la ceremony! Viva la party!